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  • Complete Golf Gruva
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Why Gruva

The Gruva is the only system that addresses rotation, weight transfer, club speed and a multi-plane-swing path. Its level of attention at every aspect of your swing is unparalleled. The Gruva will diagnose and correct your swing faults and reinforce your positive swing habits every time you swing in it. Its unique features makes it impossible for you to swing incorrectly in the system. Unlike any other system, you can hit a ball from right out of the Gruva and it all costs less than a new set of clubs or a few lessons with a Pro. Take your swing in your hands, you won't be disappointed.

Golf Gruva Features

Wide Back Swing

The guide rail and rotation flap ensure adequate rotation and swing plane

Seamless Transition

The transition gate ensures adequate extension and transition to down-swing plane

Narrow Down Swing

Weight transfer and perfect club position for increased speed and power through hitting area

Perfect Finish

Guide rail ensures weight transfer and rotation to end facing

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As a golfer who has spent 20 years across the line at the top of my swing and countless euro on coaching, the Golf Gruva has been a revelation. After just 5 minutes on the machine I had vastly improved my position at the top of the backswing.

Paul Coleman

Owner of Coleman Golf & Lee Valley Pro Shop, Ireland
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