Is Gruva for Me?

Work on all aspects of your swing at a time to suit you. Following the instructional video you'll gain a quick understanding of how the golf swing works and how regular use of Golf Gruva can have a dramatic, IMMEDIATE, and sustained impact with your golfing performance and consistency.

With Regular Use you will SEE RESULTS

Use the Golf Gruva 3 times per week for 15-30 minutes and you will create a repeatable swing that will translate directly to the golf course.

  • Wide Start

    The Gruva swing-path creates a wide backswing, key for giving your swing that green reaching power.

  • Smooth Transfer

    A sprung gate will help you smoothly transition from the backswing to the downswing plane and eliminate poor habits by halting flaws.

  • Narrow Line

    The Gruva guide rail forces a weight transfer into the downswing and ensures a late unhinging of the wrists to avoid casting.

  • Powerful Impact

    The Gruva ensures a narrowing of the swing path and optimal club positioning for increased speed and power through the hitting area.

  • Perfect Finish

    The Gruva swing path ensures a full rotation, leaving your body facing the target at the end of your swing.