GOLF GRUVA Follow the Path

The Gruva design promotes the multi-plane swing. This means it distinguishes the path of the backswing from the path of the downswing. Unlike other single plane swing systems, the Gruva system is able to guide the golfer through the modern multi-plane swing with increased club speed, power and precision.

The unique Gruva design achieves a multi-plane swing by building a set path for your golf club and body. The Gruva path addresses the golfer's rotation, and weight transfer, back and downswing planes throughout the swing. This makes the Gruva the only system able to address both rotation and weight transfer to ensure the whole body is grooving your swing to excellence!

The advanced swing path is created with the use of a guide rail guiding the golf club through the backswing, transition, rotation, and weight transfer, right to the follow-through position.

Your job is easy, simply follow the path!

  • Complete Golf Gruva
  • Gruva Takeaway Flap
  • Golf Gruva 7 Training Club

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